Diving & Snorkeling

Diving & Snorkeling

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving the Red Sea is on every diver's bucket list and at Utopia Beach Club you have world-class dive sites right on your doorstep.

The dive center at Utopia Beach Club offers a full range of diving courses so complete beginners to more advanced divers are all welcome.

Dive straight from the beach or accompany the zodiac to dive further off-shore. Full range of diving packages.


You can rent snorkel equipment from the dive center or if you have your own equipment, head straight out on to the reef. We recommend you visit the dive center for snorkel advice before you head into the sea - let the dive center tell you where to go to find the best reef sections.

Utopia Beach Club snorkeling exploration tips

Two main areas are recommended for snorkeling at Utopia Beach Club:

1 / The reef flat is found in front of the hotel beach.

This shallow area (↕2-3ft/0.5-1m), covered with coral, is interspersed with several pools “dug” into the reef. It is the ideal location for beginners, as the sea is generally very calm here. Many fish can be seen here including butterflyfish, pufferfish, and damselfish.

2 / The reef drop-offs extending to the north and south of the pass 

After entering the water from the pass near the pontoon, follow the reef edge to the left or to the right. Take into account the current, predominantly north-south. The drop-offs, which form the outer part of the reef, are home to the most spectacular underwater life at this spot. They are covered with rather well-preserved corals, which are hidden colorful maxima clams.

As you explore the drop-offs, you will come across much colorful fish, such as the Red Sea bannerfish, several species of butterflyfish, the emperor angelfish, and the regal angelfish. Broomtail wrasse, Arabian Picasso triggerfish, and Sohal surgeonfish are also common here, among dozens of other species.

In sandy areas, where lionfish are abundant, you may also be lucky enough to encounter a blue-spotted stingray or a tentacled flathead.